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What Will It Cost to Upgrade My HVAC Equipment?

Upgrading to high-efficiency HVAC features in your Colorado home is a significant step toward improving your comfort and lowering your energy use—but what will it cost you to make these upgrades?

While high-efficiency systems often come with a higher initial price tag, they tend to pay for themselves, in the long run, thanks to:

Improved efficiency: Optimize energy use.

More comfort: Enjoy consistent temperatures between rooms and floors.

Lower energy costs: Reduce monthly bills.

Better indoor air quality: Breathe cleaner air.

A more autonomous home: Decrease dependency on the grid.

Acting proactively is key. Upgrade when you are ready to replace equipment rather than waiting for a breakdown. This way, you can make informed decisions without feeling rushed.

With proper planning, we can remove your old furnace and AC and attach a new heat pump to your existing ductwork in less than a day. Are you planning to add a new roof? Combine the project with solar panels.

Financial Incentives

Studies show you will save, on average, $1,800 annually on energy costs by going electric. But freedom is the real benefit. Imagine disconnecting the gas lines to your home or having the ability to bank energy through your solar panels.

State and federal financial benefits include:

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) offers a tax credit of up to $2,000 on qualifying heat pumps.

The IRA also offers a tax credit of up to $600 on qualifying air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers.

IRA rebates, expected to roll out in 2024, offer qualifying households up to $14,000 in rebates to install high-efficiency appliances.

The State of Colorado offers incentives for high-efficiency equipment and electrical upgrades through Energy Smart Colorado.

Ready to tap into these savings and benefits? Reach out to us to discuss the best HVAC solutions tailored to your needs.

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