Electrical service.

When you wake up, you turn on your coffee maker. Before you go to bed, you set your alarm.

Nearly every convenience or necessity in your Broomfield home uses a network of wires hidden behind your walls. As a result, any time there’s an electrical issue, your whole day changes.

That’s where Kappler Mechanical comes in. Our team of licensed and certified electricians can quickly assist with any of your home electrical needs. We serve Colorado households, offering our expertise to help you improve your home and stay safe.

No matter how small or large your project—we can tackle it. Our masterful electricians do it all—from outlets and switches to breaker panels and whole-house wiring.

Electrical Construction

Are you thinking about a new home improvement project? Whether you’re constructing a new home or an addition, our team can help. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is helping Broomfield families build their dream homes.

At Kappler Mechanical, we regularly work with other contractors on home construction projects, from design to completion, to install first-rate electric systems. Our mantra is to get it done right the first time, so your project is complete on its due date, well within its budget.

We offer fantastic lighting layouts. Whether you’re looking for a way to brighten up your kitchen or mood lighting on your back deck, we have satisfying solutions for everyone.

Electrical Rewiring

If you think your home electrical system is malfunctioning, schedule immediate assistance.

Common issues include water leaks, poor manufacturing/wiring, or a blown fuse. All of these issues pose a potential risk to your Broomfield home safety, so it’s critical you address them as soon as possible.

We provide a speedy response and safe service to get your home electrical system back on track.

If you have older wiring, or you just moved into a home that needs new wiring, give our Kappler Mechanical team a call. If you’re not licensed, don’t try to do it yourself. One wrong move could put your safety at risk.

Fuse-to-Breaker Conversions

Is your Colorado home still running on a fuse box? If so, it’s time to update. Modern households use more electricity than most fuses can handle. We recommend switching to a breaker.

Breaker panels can handle higher voltage levels. Plus, if there are any electrical issues, the breaker will trip, cutting off electricity to the source. This feature protects you from getting shocked, your wiring from damage, and your Broomfield home from electrical fires.

Electrical Inspections

Did you know you should schedule a home electrical inspection every three to five years? If your home is more than 40 years old, you may need to increase the frequency. Electric fires are the second leading cause of home structural fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

You should also have an inspection any time you move into a new house, when you’re renovating indoors, or when you’re installing a major appliance like a refrigerator or stove. Our Kappler Mechanical electricians will ensure your Colorado home is up to code.

We take steps to protect your safety by minimizing the chances of any shock or electrical fire risks.

Electrical Installation and Upgrade

When you are looking for new or upgraded wiring, whether it’s a breaker panel or wiring your entire garage, our electrical team is prompt in response. We will work around your lifestyle to minimize any disruptions.

Our licensed electricians follow the National Electric Code (NEC) legal guidelines that set the premier safety standards for American homeowners. Talk to us about what our Kappler Mechanical team can do for you.

If you are in need of financing, let’s discuss the financing options we have available to help.

Electrical Repairs

An electrical repair may be more than an annoyance—it could be a safety risk. Contact us as soon as you notice a problem, and we can set your mind at ease. We will address the issue and make any needed repairs quickly. Electricity is nothing to take lightly.

Electrical Maintenance

Whether it’s your electrical system or your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, maintenance matters. Scheduling regular professional maintenance to keep your Broomfield home’s electrical system in peak condition is a wise investment.

Join our maintenance program, Kappler Comfort Club, to address all your home maintenance needs while enjoying discounts on labor, parts, repairs, and tune-ups.

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Electrical Repair in Longmont, CO 80504

“Courteous & conscientious service. Guys went out of their way to locate & fix our electrical problem. Thank y’all!”
- Evan S.

Electrical Installation in Superior, CO 80027-6100

“Ben, Jared and crew do solid work. On time, communicate well, amenable to specific needs, and got the tasks done in quick order.”

- Shawn U.

Electrical Repair in Broomfield, CO 80020

“The technician did a great job. He explained what he would, could and did do very succinctly and the outlet/light are working perfectly now, thanks!”

- Melissa H.

Electrical Repair in Louisville, CO 80027

“The team was great, making sure there were no additional electrical issues after a fire call.”

- Kathy K.

Electrical Replacement in Superior, CO 80027-6100

“Jared gave a professional and comprehensive appraisal of the electrical panel upgrade.”

- Shawn U.

Electrical Replacement in Broomfield, CO 80023

“Ben and Nate were absolutely awesome!! So helpful, informative, and courteous!!”

- Karen M.

Electrical Installation in Lafayette, CO 80026


- Eric S.

Electrical Repair in Arvada, CO 80222

“Ben Hawley was great, very efficient, and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend Kappler to friends in the future.”

- Tina S.

Electrical Replacement in Arvada, CO 80215

“Ben Hawley did an outstanding job in all aspects. Great technical and workmanship skills. Excellent teaching skills – explained clearly everything to me. Organized the whole project very well and led the whole Kappler team on the project”

- Jack D.

Electrical Replacement in Boulder, CO 80305

“Your employees, service, response time, and quality are top notch. Mr. Hawley helped us with electrical needs today to keep our HVAC system running smoothly. He was timley, personable and very professional. Thank you, Kappler!”

- Susan B.

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